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This is a letter of recommendation for Naveen Chandorkar.  Naveen provided Information Technology service and support for my dental practice over the last few years.  He came highly recommended by the previous owner, for who Naveen had worked with for many years before I took over the business.

Naveen’s contribution was crucial for the everyday functioning of my practice.  Our practice was very large and had computer based patient charting and record-keeping.  Essentially, all daily business was done in conjunction with computers, and if our computers did not function properly, we would be unable to function.

Naveen was responsible for setting up computer network and then insuring its normal and seemless operation.  The size of our practice required an unusually large number of computers for a dental office, all of them working together, and Naveen made this happen.  I can honestly say that we never had an issue with our technology related to set-up – every issue was either due to another vendor’s software or a normal hardware failure due to age or use.  He was available when we needed him, and was acutely aware that he needed to accomplish his tasks and not interfere or interrupt during our patient care time, which I believe shows how considerate and thoughtful he is.

Naveen has been a trusted advisor to all things technology.  He displayed a depth of knowledge and understanding rarely seen.  And while his knowledge and skill of information technology was exceptional, he always tried to understand and advocate what his clients needed.  For us, he determined what we needed to function optimally, and thoughtfully explained why we needed it. Naveen would determine the most cost effective method to accomplish what we needed, and I feel that he never recommended technology we did not need.

I give Naveen the highest recommendation possible. He has set a very high standard for outside service providers.  Please contact me if you want or need additional information at groesbeckorthodontics@gmail.com.   


 Robert Groesbeck, DDS

-- Letter of Recommendation
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